Features Interviews Interview: The Reason's Adam White on Changes and Nominations

Interview: The Reason's Adam White on Changes and Nominations

The Reason
Adam White of The Reason
Interview by: Natalia Buia

When talking to the humble Hamilton personality that is Adam White of The Reason, it doesn’t take long to realize his heart’s in a good place.

The band has been travelling east and west to promote their latest album, Fools, which is a contrast from heavier sounds found on such albums like Ravenna. Some can accept and approve a band’s ability and courage to change genres, like The Reason has elegantly done, but some can deny and discourage. However, White tells me during a phone interview he’s trying his best to segregate himself from such critiques.

“The last time I was always hunting for reviews and it seemed they were never good. I look back and I know there were things on our last record I would have done differently, for sure,” he admits.

I should have mentioned to him that one of our own, Sean McNamara, wrote a rave review of Fools last month.

White puts emphasis that there’s too much focus on the negative in reviews.

“We change it up every record, not on purpose, but a lot happens in three years to people,” he says. “How do you not change?”

It seems plenty of music fans and critics have both their arms and ears wide open in acceptance with their latest and greatest. The Reason has three nominations at this year’s Hamilton Music Awards. The ceremony takes place at McIntyre Theatre at Mohawk College on Sunday, November 21st.

Aside from Records of the Year and Rock Recording of the Year, White himself is nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year along with some familiar faces. He tells me his next door neighbour is also coveting the award, leading me to believe the competition’s going to heat up real quick.

“They get better every year,” White says of the award show. “This time we get to perform.”

There’s been an undeniable growth in the quality of music stemming from Hamilton. With the Arkells, Young Rival, and The Reason all making a dent on our iTunes and radio stations, there must be something in the water.

“A lot has to do with the working class mentality,” he says of fellow Hamilton dwellers. “There’s a very minute percentage of people who’ve had things handed to them their whole lives. Everyone’s working hard.”

White keeps his sweetheart status afloat as he has nothing but kind words when speaking about the Hamilton music scene and its rising roots-rock movement.

“It just seems real. Nothing seems contrived,” he says.

As much as White and co. love the growing city they call home, most of the time they’re wheeling through highways, travelling from city to city.

A lot of the songs on Fools, like “Come and Go,” touch upon being separated from normal life when on the road. Putting everything on hold to tour the country has its ups and downs and White is no stranger to that emotional rollercoaster.

“It’s a different world,” he says. “I’d rather be broke and busy with the band than working all the time at a job I hate.”

No matter where the new album's success takes them, the mantra of the band remains this: Do what brings us happy, not rich.

White reflects on the album and says how a lot of the song on the records, were written on different legs of previous tours.

“[It’s about] how it affects us and our personal lives. A lot of the time it comes on the negative end. You lose a loved one or someone you’ve been with for a long time just can’t take it anymore.”

The band recently began touring with Hollerado last week and are set to play shows with hometown their boys Arkells later on in the month. The show White’s most looking forward to is the December 3 show at the Phoenix, adding that every Toronto show keeps getting bigger and better. Let’s hope the same for every album.