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A Sticky CMW Preview: 6 Questions for BESTiE

6 Questions for BESTiE
Article by: Chad Hutchings

We've been suffering through this gloomy weather for long enough; it's sure as hell time for some summer, and that's where BESTiE comes in.

With a hand from Juno winning producer Howard Redekopp (Said the Whale, Tegan and Sara, The New Pornographers), BESTiE's debut album No Bad Days poked its head out a whole two weeks ago, and its full of sounds that will pick up slack where the sun is failing. Full of bright, summery tracks, this album is getting us in the mood for beaches despite our sweaters. 

BESTiE will be taking the stage at The Garrison on Friday and The Dakota on Saturday, and we're planning to be in at least one of those crowds to get an early feel of August. If you're wondering if you should be there alongside us, check out our Sticky CMW Preview interview with the band, then dig out your Hawaiin shirt and rest up for the party. 

Sticky: Can you give us a little history on why you got this deep into music?

BESTiE: I think we all come into music first and foremost as fans. For me, music is a religion or drug that will help you through your lowest lows and take you to your highest spiritual place. Getting to play music is really just enhancing that connection. To be directly connected to it, and to connect with others and express oneself is a great feeling.

Sticky: For someone new to your music, what can they expect from your set at CMW?

BESTiE: We like to make every show a dance party. I think our music is fun while still being serious.

Sticky: Why CMW, anyhow? Do festivals do it for you?

BESTiE: Any excuse to travel is a good excuse, especially if you get to be paid to do it and get to play music for others. But yes, I personally love music festivals and meeting fans and other bands and people that love music so much they work in the industry. Toronto is a great city too and it's been way too long since the last visit.

Sticky: Since you can't perform everywhere all of the time, new fans will need to hear you through headphones, too. Tell us what you love about your recorded stuff (modesty will get you nowhere).

BESTiE: I think our music will take you away to a tropical place. Andrew's guitar work is reminiscent of Jonny Marr – it's quite entrancing. Daniel Ruiz, our Colombian drummer, has a vibrant uniqueness to his drumming, with a Latin flare. As the vocalist, I will modestly say that my voice will touch you in places you didn't know existed.

Sticky: What can we expect from you for the rest of 2014?

BESTiE: We want to get inside of your iPod and in heavy rotation. We have a new video coming out which we shot in Colombia for our song "Sriracha" that we're excited for. We'll be playing a lot more shows and touring and have some summer festival dates – mainly on the west coast.

Sticky: If this whole rockstar life turns out to be too heavy (sex, drugs, and rock and roll can take a toll), where do you think we will find you in ten years?

BESTiE: WHOA, that's way too dark to answer and one must live in the present!

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