Features Interviews A Sticky CMW Preview: 6 Questions for Virginia to Vegas

A Sticky CMW Preview: 6 Questions for Virginia to Vegas

Virginia to Vegas
6 Questions for Virginia to Vegas
Article by: Chad Hutchings

If you're looking for a proper pop act in the 1000+ sets happening over the course of the week, you should probably consider digging into Virginia to Vegas, the new solo project of Ontario-native Derik Baker.

Signed by Wax Records earlier this year, he's just released his debut single "We Are Stars", and it's already getting lots of traction on radio stations and charts across the country - which probably explains why the video has racked up over 100,000 views and counting.

With time spent performing alongside Alyssa Reid on Hedley's recent cross-country stadium tour, Virginia to Vegas already seems pretty damned comfortable in front of a crowd, so it'll be worth a trip to The Phoenix to catch his performance at the Canadian Radio Music Awards on the 7th. In anticipation of that big set in front of that big Toronto audience, we sent our CMW preview questions his way to get a little bit closer to the singer songwriter that's won Bell Future Star status for two consecutive months.

Sticky: Can you give us a little history on why you got this deep into music?

Virginia to Vegas: I tried to work a day job and nothing made me feel as complete as doing music everyday. I wouldn't say I'm in too deep as of yet. I'm one single in. I'm loving every second of being able to live out my dream though.

Sticky: For someone new to your music, what can they expect from your set at CMW?

Virginia to Vegas: I hope people that are new to my music will enjoy my performance. I'm not setting out to be the best guitar player, singer or writer, however if I'm the most listened to that would be cool.

Sticky: Why CMW, anyhow? Are festivals your thing?

Virginia to Vegas: I love festivals - to be a part of CMW is an honour. I love the music industry in Canada and I'm just glad to be a part of it. 

Sticky: Since you can't perform everywhere all of the time, new fans will need to hear you through headphones, too. Tell us what you love about your recorded stuff (modesty will get you nowhere).

Virginia to Vegas: The thing I love about my recorded music is that it's a process. Its not as simple as raw emotion from a live performance; writing, recording, finessing a song until its ready to show to other people and have them take it in as their own is an extremely intimate exchange. I'm overwhelmed that so many people have identified with my music thus far. I can't wait for everyone that is listening to hear more.

Sticky: What can we expect from you for the rest of 2014?

Virginia to Vegas: Lots of shows, new music, and new music. 

Sticky: If this whole rockstar life turns out to be too heavy (sex, drugs, and rock and roll can take a toll), where do you think we will find you in ten years?

Virginia to Vegas: I'd love to own a record label, and develop artists. 10 years is a long time away, but if I play my cards right, I think there's no obstacle too hard to overcome, and I want to continue to grow and create.