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A Sticky CMW Preview: 6 Questions for Xprime

6 Questions for Xprime
Article by: Chad Hutchings

The guys making up Xprime may be young, but they're already solidly carving out a name for themselves. With their surprisingly-polished debut LP The Album having dropped this past March, the quartet of multi-instrumentalists have already proven themselves well-worth a listen.

Out of Niagara, Xprime (a play on exprime-toi, a nod to their French roots) will be playing a set topping off the final stretch of CMW on Saturday at midnight, and we're pretty sure  they'll have their audience dancing out the end of the festival. How could they not? Their pop/duwop/rock sound might be hard to define, but it's even harder to resist moving to, boasting bits and pieces that'll appeal to almost any type of music fan. 

With their C'est What set coming up quick, we squeezed our six quick questions into Xprime's busy schedule, to give new listeners a feel for what they can expect when they hit the stage on the 10th.

Sticky: Can you give us a little info on how Xprime came together?

Xprime: Xprime came together in high school; a reform of an old "basement band" for our grade 12 year (2009). Phil, Neil and Gab formed the original lineup with another friend who was replaced later that year by Steph (Gab's brother).

Sticky: For someone new to your music, what can they expect from your set at CMW?

Xprime: A high energy set of carefully crafted pop/rock music. We really put a lot of value in musicianship while writing songs and we do our best to perform them as they're meant to be! But don't expect us to be too serious; our live show is where we get to have fun. Expect to dance... or at least smile a lot!

Sticky: Why CMW, anyhow? Do festivals do it for you?

Xprime: We love festivals! It's a cool way to get new fans and broadcast our music/show to people we normally might not see at our usual events. Not to mention festivals give us ample opportunities to go check out other bands that we might not get the chance to see under normal circumstances.

Sticky: Since you can't perform everywhere all of the time, new fans will need to hear you through headphones, too. Tell us what you love about your recorded stuff (modesty will get you nowhere).

Xprime: ...well, since you say modesty will get us nowhere: IT SOUNDS AWESOME!!! (Thanks to Chris Perry, our producer for The Album!) Our recordings capture the songs as they were meant to be heard; the energy is present, the parts all come across clearly and it's a lot more compact and portable than dragging us around everywhere!

Sticky: What can we expect from you for the rest of 2014?

Xprime: We're working on another music video right now - and you can expect a few more this year! However, touring is our main focus. We'll be playing as much as possible and hitting the road to bring our show and music further than it's been before!

Sticky: If this whole rockstar life turns out to be too heavy (sex, drugs, and rock and roll can take a toll), where do you think we will find you in ten years?

Xprime: Probably still playing music! Whether it's playing covers at weddings and special events or doing session work on cruise-ships and at resorts, or just playing around here... we'll always be doing what we love!


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