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A Sticky CMW Preview: 6 Questions for The Archers

The Archers
6 Questions for The Archers
Article by: Chad Hutchings

Coming to us from way out west in Victoria, The Archers will be finding their way to CMW mid-tour in support of their debut full-length These Wicked Woods.

Officially released in April as a follow-up to their 2011 EP, the folky indie-rock record had plenty of talented hands involved in its production, including folks who are also behind recordings with Said The Whale and mastering for Broken Soclal Scene and Bon Iver. Don't get it wrong, though - the ones holding the instruments singing their asses off are responsible for how much we love this album, and it's been seeing plenty of play since it came our way. If those smooth harmonies and lively, heavily-textured tracks translate half as well on-stage as they did in the studio, we expect their midnight set to be well worth staying up for.  

In anticipation of their time on stage at The Central on May 9th, The Archers gave us some time in their tour to answer a few questions for our Sticky CMW Preview:

Sticky: Can you give us a little info on how The Archers came together?

The Archers: We all met in high school playing with many different projects. The Archers was one of dozens of projects that we started in those days and was the one that kept playing after we graduated together in 2011.

Sticky: For someone new to your music, what can they expect from your set at CMW?

The Archers: They can expect to see an intimate, high energy set, full of harmony, a great range of dynamic, and our sincerest thanks for watching.

Sticky: Why CMW, anyhow? Are festivals your thing?

The Archers: We love playing at festivals. They are a great way to meet other members of the industry. CMW in particular offers the opportunity to network with brilliant musicians, and make friends over spontaneous breakfast dates.

Sticky:  Since you can't perform everywhere all of the time, new fans will need to hear you through headphones, too. Tell us what you love about your recorded stuff (modesty will get you nowhere).

The Archers: Putting together a sound with three different writers (rather than being a hindrance) brings out the best we all have to offer, creating a work that surpasses any product that any one of us could have attained individually. Our recordings feature the strong dynamics of our live performance, and give the listener a more intimate setting in which to get to know us better. For our debut album These Wicked Woods, we worked with Tom Dobrzanski (The Zolas, We are the City, Said the Whale) who we have looked up to for entire band career - to have one of our biggest influences have a say on the direction and sound of our latest release brought out a lot of elements we had been striving for in our creative process. Also the drums sound dope.

Sticky: What can we expect from you for the rest of 2014?

The Archers: We will be pushing our latest release, These Wicked Woods, through shows and festivals across Canada.

Sticky: If this whole rockstar life turns out to be too heavy (sex, drugs, and rock and roll... and folk... can take a toll), where do you think we will find you in ten years?

The Archers: McLaren's ambition is to be a gourmet chef. Ethan's is to open a bookstore cafe. Sandy will be a model. Moes will be Sandy's agent. Boom.


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