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Audio Blood's Sound Advice: Why A Fashion Statement Is Important

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Why A Fashion Statement Is Important
Article by: Emily Laing

So you've got a band, a new album, and a lineup of gigs. What now? Of course music should be the number one priority of musicians, but you should also learn how to market your band effectively. And one of the best ways to do this is by creating a signature look for your band. Creating a fashion statement can help generate new fans, shape your identity, and improve your brand.

In the history of music, all of the greats created signature looks; Michael Jackson had his glove, Elvis had his pompadour, David Bowie had his makeup, and Elton John, his eyewear. All are considered amazing artists and iconic fashionistas. While becoming an image-maker does not directly sell music online or in stores, it does help distribution and recognition. In the end, there is a better chance you will sell more music to those who remember your band.

Fans associate your band with the accessories and clothing a musician wears, and it quickly becomes a part of a group's musical experience. A Soundgarden concert wouldn't be right without the jeans, leather pants, and flannel shirts, nor would a ZZ Top concert feel like a rock show without the famous beard. Not all musicans have mastered this, but many greats, who have played throughout the ages, are recognized primarily by sound and sight. As a new band or artist you are able to develop a fashion statement now and start the branding process, which in the end will help you sell your music and build a fan base.

How to create an image for your band:

A decision like this is subjective and you will need to come to an agreement as a band. Just like how you develop your sound and lyrics, your fashion statement should match your personality. Look at yourselves analytically, as a whole, and as individual artists. As a group you should never try to intentially match each other. Beyond having a typical "band look", choose something signature for each artist and don't be scared to stand out. Everyone's personalities will be different, so let your signature item or look fit you, personally.

How fashion sells music:

You might be wondering, "How will clothes help my band gain exposure and sell music?" First know that attire is only one factor in the music distribution process. Other important ways of improving your brand include proper use of social media, joining a reputable PR agency, and setting up a slew of gigs. But keep in mind, fashion has become another form of communication. Artists are able to speak to their listeners through their apparel. By creating your own personal styles it creates a brand for your band. Think about it. The most successful products, regardless of the industry, that have well developed brands are consistently identified.

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