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Audio Blood's Sound Advice: Why Vinyl is Important

Why Vinyl is Important
Article by: Katie Woods

Vinyl records are no longer just a dusty collection of your Dad's youth he can't bare to part with.

Vinyl sales have seen increasingly greater growth in sales in the past five years in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. With such a big push for being constantly present in the online world through social media, having your music on every online platform imaginable, and trying to climb up the iTunes Single charts, we often forget about the niche market that is vinyl. Yes, this is a niche market with a small margin of sales compared to CD and digital albums, but there's a reason why big names like Adele, Lady Gaga and Radiohead put out LPs in the past few years. In fact, heres five:

1. Vinyl bridges the gap between the physical and online world.

Fans love to hold your music in their hands and to have something to show off, but they also want to be able to listen to your music when they're away from their record player. By putting a digital download card in the sleeve of a record, or by emailing a download link to the buyer, your fan now has a physical copy and a digital copy they can load onto all their technology.

2. People who buy records, buy a lot of records.

Theres no such thing as a big record collection to someone who buys records. It is an absolute challenge to go into a record store and buy just one record, trust me. It isn't just a hobby, its a passion and for some, a full on obsession. If someone is digging through crates for records and they see your record and recognize your name, or know just one of your songs, they now believe their record collection isn't complete without yours.

3. Vinyl is a full on experience.

There is so much you can do with vinyls and their packaging. You can have different colours of vinyl, you can add special posters, stickers, postcards of tour dates, thank-you cards, download cards, line notes and so much more in the sleeves. It offers your fan a special experience when they open your record. And you can never recreate the excitement of dropping the needle on a record for the very first time.

4.  Vinyl is the ultimate fan collectable.

I bought my first record before I owned a record player. I loved the album and artists so much that when I saw it in vinyl form I couldn't help but buy it. There are many avenues to position your record as a collectable. Consider having a limited number of copies pressed, having it for sale only during your tour or having a special Record Day release. Vinyl offers the fan the ultimate, and affordable, collectable item.

5. Records are our friends. Records create a community.

We hangout with our records, we hangout in record stores and we hangout with fellow record collectors. We share our stories about our most precious and valued vinyls, about how we got them into our collection, the feelings that we associate with them, and the memories we've created with them. Why not make your band part of the community?

As an avid record collector, I encourage you to consider the importance of vinyl for you and your fans. When you offer a fan your album in vinyl form, you're offering them much more than just your music.

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