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Sticky's Six Days of Giveaways!

Six Days of Giveaways
Six Days of Giveaways
Article by: Chad Hutchings

We're stepping in with your end of summer pick-me-up.

Has anyone out there noticed that the wind has a little more bite these days? Have you been wondering why a few of your daylight hours have suddenly gone missing? Well, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but summer's on its last legs.

For some of us, that means out of the pools and back to the books; for others, it means even longer, sadder days in the office. But no matter what drudgery finds you in the coming week, Sticky wants to turn your frowns upside-down and offer up some great musical prizes and access to some awesome upcoming events to help drown out the sound of summer's death rattle.

Starting tomorrow at two, we're kicking off Sticky's Six Days of Giveaways! With the help of some wonderful friends, we'll be announcing a new contest every afternoon, with daily winners announced at the end of what would otherwise be a very mundane series of work days (and one the following Saturday, because weekend workers need a little love, too).

Want to know what you can win? Check back with Sticky every day at 3pm as we unveil more and more great prizes to be won.