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CBC Radio 3 Searchlight

CBC Radio 3 Searchlight
CBC Radio 3 Searchlight
Canada's Best Music Website
Article by: Pete Nema

CBC Radio 3 has held a number of Searchlight contests where their listeners vote to identify what they believe to be the best of Canada.

Update - February 24, 2010: Wow, we made it into the Top 20! Thanks to everyone who voted. The next round of voting opened this afternoon, and this time they will be cutting the list in half, to the top 10.

In the past, contests have been held for Best Independent Canada's Record Store (Meow Records, Prince George BC, 2008), Canada's Best Live Venue (The Phog Lounge, Windsor ON, 2009), and the Canada's Best Music Festival (Evolve, in Antigonish, NS, 2010). In all cases, the reason behind the contests is to raise awareness of what Canada has to offer.

The Searchlight for Canada's Best Music Website is no different. The community of both established and independent music-related websites in Canada is quite large and this contest has successfully brought attention to a number of Canadian websites. Intentionally or not, we are all working together to highlight the music and musicians that make life better.

This contest is happening in five rounds, and Sticky Magazine has already made it through the first two rounds into the Top 30. This can mean only one thing: you are awesome. Everyone who contributes to Sticky is excited because the more people that pay attention to Sticky Magazine, the more attention the bands we love will receive. This is good. I'm willing to bet that everyone who contributes to any of these websites feels the same way — you can check out the list of the Top 30 sites below.

So, if you love Canadian music and appreciate all the effort that goes into these websites, please vote. Or maybe you're like me and pretty much just like clicking on things, that's another good reason to vote. Not necessarily for us, there are some amazing sites out there, but just for whoever you think deserves it (click the links). No registration is required, and you can vote once every 24 hours, which means you can use it as a way to procrastinate on whatever it is you should actually be doing.

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