Features Articles Audioblood's Sound Advice: How File Sharing is Changing the Industry

Audioblood's Sound Advice: How File Sharing is Changing the Industry

How File Sharing is Changing the Industry
Audio Blood's Sound Advice - How File Sharing is Changing the Industry
Article by: Taylor Reynolds

In today’s day and age, it’s hard for music fans to make it our to support their favourite artists at live events.

For those who are feeling a bit guilty for using the Internet as their main way of supporting their favourite artists, I come bearing good news: In a recent study, online file sharing has been said to actually help the music industry radically!

The Statistics Don’t Lie
Looking at online sales data with respect to the entertainment industry, it has been said that internet-based revenues have actually increased the music business’ growth, all thanks to the file-sharing platforms we’ve been using. How? According to a member of the LSE Department of Media and Communications, revenues from digital sales, subscription services, streaming, and live performances have made up for the decline in the sales of CDs and records. Even more surprisingly, if record companies had jumped on the file sharing train sooner, they may have had better financial success. Napster just got way cooler.

We’re An Online Culture
To stay in tune with the times, it’s necessary for the music industry to not chastise fans for online usage, but actually encourage file-sharing distribution, as a means of staying in touch with the online world. All you have to do is look at some of the biggest releases from the last year to see that the online market is the best way to find exposure for new releases. When it comes to things like copyright laws (which is admittedly a huge subject on its own), they’ve by and large centred on the best interest of the copyright owners versus the creators. Copyright laws can get in the way of things like sharing and co- creation!

From The Artist Himself
Wasn’t it Public Enemy’s Chuck D who once said that online file-sharing is the only way for some artists to reach out to their audience? Because of file-sharing, now smaller indie bands have a chance to participate and Chuck D believes that online file sharing is the door to a bigger and better market place. On quote, “downloading music is the only way some artists have a way of reaching their audience.”

So Now What?
You should always support artists and musicians when you can - but the stigma against file-sharing as completely harmful to the industry needs to be revised. With the increase of vinyl sales, digital downloads, and streaming services, artists have more ways than ever to reach their fans. So, don’t feel bad! Download some music and support your favourite bands!

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