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Audio Blood's Sound Advice: Artist Resources

Artist Resources
Artist Resources
Article by: Kaitlyn Davies

So, you're in a band. You’ve got the look, you’ve got the sound, but now what? It can seem impossible to get a start in the music industry but, thankfully, there are tons of resources to help out independent artists like you.

First off, you're going to need to get some fans. Social media (i.e Twitter, Facebook) is great for gaining new followers, and maintaining the ones that you already have. But don't think that it stops there. With streaming websites like Rdio, listeners can discover your music through the artists that they already listen to. Streaming websites can also help put money back into your pocket!

So now that you’ve got your fans' attention, it's time to connect with the music industry. There are tons of cool online directories, like The Indie Bible and Pollstar that can help you get in touch with the people you need to know. These databases are a must-have to get you networking in the right direction.

You're a well-connected machine, and now it's time to go on tour. A really useful tool for getting your shows some exposure is SplitGigs. These guys will set you up with other artists and venues and, like the name suggests, you split the gig with them. And to make sure your fans can buy tickets to your shows, Eventbrite allows you to print awesome ticket designs, and even sell them online.

Fans, contacts, tours... You need an album! Hopefully you've already got some songs written (if not, you can check out The Muse's Muse), and now it's time to publish them. SOCAN will help you out with that, and then you’re well on your way. Once you've got it recorded, it's time to get your music out there. Indie Pool will get your CDs to the retailers, but it's up to you to promote. Hype Machine is a huge directory of almost every music blog, and you can work with them to get your sound out there.

Maybe you'll shoot a video, or go on another tour, or even record another album next. Whatever your plan, you'll definitely need some cash to do so. Crowdfunding has become a popular way of helping artists get the money they need to move on to their next project. PledgeMusic allows you to create a platform to invite your fans to donate to whatever you’ve got planned, and offer rewards to them for doing so (i.e discographies, concert tickets).

This is only a handful of all the resources that are out there for artists who are looking to get involved, or are already involved, in the music industry. New companies are created everyday to help you live out all your rock-star fantasies! So what are you waiting for?! It’s time for YOU to rock out.

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