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Angus Stone at The Opera House

Angus Stone
Angus Stone
The Opera House in Toronto, ON
September 23, 2012

Review by: Melissa Adamson

Touring in support of his second solo album, Broken Brights, Angus Stone delivered a laid back set to a quiet crowd with a peaceful demeanor similar to his own.

Angus Stone, from the Australian brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone, got the crowd ready for the work week with a relaxing and simple set on this Sunday evening.

Though Stone only filled about half of The Opera House, it was clear that he was surrounded by a group of loyal fans. Their loyalty and enthusiasm was shown, with cheers of recognition at the beginning notes of popular Angus & Julia Stone songs “Bella” and “Big Jet Plane”, his single “Broken Brights” and the more upbeat “Do What You Do”. However, aside from their regular cheers, the crowd seemed content to stand still and quietly soak in the live performance.

Stone, who is undeniably charming, also managed to evoke a few audible swoons from the largely female audience when he first greeted the crowd with a soft hello. Though he shyly said that his older sister typically does most of the talking, Stone did a good job of engaging the crowd with stories that provided context to the songs. For example, I was surprised to learn that the CD copy of the “The End of the World” is a recording of the first time the band played the song together.

To record a song in one take requires chemistry, and throughout the entire set it was evident that Stone and his band have plenty of it. Though they sometimes overpowered his soft vocals, the band helped to strengthen the gentleness of the songs to create a live performance that sounded much fuller than the simple arrangements used on his album.


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