Concerts Concerts NXNE 2012: Enjoy Your Pumas at El Mocambo

NXNE 2012: Enjoy Your Pumas at El Mocambo

Enjoy Your Pumas
Enjoy Your Pumas
 El Mocambo in Toronto, ON
June 13, 2012

Review by: Katie Christensen


Enjoy Your Pumas may not be in your iTunes library (let alone on your radar), but after their intimate NXNE performance at The El Mocambo, they should be.

The female-fronted foursome hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba have one EP and a debut album Commonality under their belt, proving that good things do come from the 'Peg (ahem Rob Lowe). Their genre-bending music is alternative and explosive at one moment and atmospheric and gentle the next; they provide a smattering of pulsating percussion from Luke Jansen and infectious new wave bass lines from Marc Gomez. Lead singer Rosie Blais steals the show with the tenacity of Shirley Manson, and a voice like the sultry Lizzie Powell meeting the quirky Regina Spector.

While listening to the album, it’s clear the lead is talented young lady, but seeing her perform is a real treat. She twists and sways with each echoing crescendo and jumps into the crowd to serenade lucky patrons, adding a pleasant nuance to the performance. While performing their favourite song live, the super rhythmic, high energy “Le Buzz”, she even showed off her French skills (and some killer dance moves).

Although the set was way too short (as are all sets during NXNE), Enjoy Your Pumas couldn’t have ended it on a better note, performing newest track “Swazy” that makes you want to bust out your best dirty dancing moves. Other highlights were “Weight Of The Circles” and “Walk It Off”.

Be sure to check out the new video for "Walk It Off" that guitarist Josh Benoit filmed completely on his iPhone, linked below.