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Bahamas at The Mod Club

Bahamas at The Mod Club
Virgin Mobile Mod Club
April 13, 2012

Review by: Colton Eddy
Photos by: Michael Fil

On a stage cluttered with green leafy plants, Afie Jurvanen was happy to be home. And home was more than happy to have him.


Afie, in his Canadian tuxedo, brought his sunny blend of Neil Young and Sam Cooke-shuffle to the Virgin Mobile Mod Club on Friday night. Pride drenched the air as he traded audience giggles for his seamless runs on his guitar. While delivering the upbeat tunes from his latest effort Barchords about bad kissers or broken hearts, he caught our attention. His ability to tightly cram his wit, charm and guitar mastery was as relaxing as his moniker suggests. 

After all, Afie’s had a lot of practice cramming together his sets, being an opener for acts ranging from Jason Collett to Elvis Costello by way of Feist. He’s a long-time Canadian gem that nodded to his familiar past after the first song, “I think we have time for a couple of more. Thank you.” 

Accompanied by Jason Tait of The Weakerthans on drums and two beautiful backup singers clad in blue-sequined dresses, his breezy whisky-tinged melodies seemed fresher than ever. Whether his blistering guitar was full-on or artfully restrained in songs like 'Okay, Alright, I'm Alive' and 'I Got You Babe', it worked. His sophomore sound is undoubtedly a leap forward and worthy of a headlining tour. 

Perhaps the most serene moment of the evening was the stunned silence when backing vocalists Felicity Williams and Carleigh Aikins performed an unamplified interlude into the encore. Afie delicately strummed in the shadows for them, just as he had with local folkers The Weather Station in the opening act. That modesty alone deserves our attention.


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