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Date Night With Other Lives

Other Lives
Other Lives

The Drake Underground
February 14, 2012

Review by: Chad Hutchings

Other Lives spent a night shaming cheesy cards and wilting roses.

Other Lives

Because the lengths of love kept our team busy smooching and whatnot on Valentine's Day, it posed impossible to shake a photographer out of the woodwork to cover Other Lives' appearance in Toronto on the fourteenth. Luckily, with the lenience that comes from a well-cemented relationship, this writer had no trouble fitting a show into the evening's schedule, spending an hour standing and holding hands with the loved one in the audience of a dim basement. Don't worry though, because I can (somewhat) confidently say that the lady made no sacrifice; with the passions of the band's performance and the ever-intimate ambiance of The Drake Underground, the show made something very real and genuine out of Hallmark's staple sales day.

And, on looking around, it was obvious that this happy pair of lovers were not the only people in the room that felt that way, on the floor and on the stage. While it took a little time for the group to open up and step outside of their stunning labours, the members eventually came around and softened things up with jokes, smiles, and sincere sentiments, like lead Jesse Tabish's definitive confession about the evening: "In a place like this... this seems very real to me."

That phrase probably best explains a feeling that I might've found hard to finger when summing the set. It was all very real. There was a certain warmth and softness to the weaving of the rolling vocals and almost orchestral instrumentals (think cello, violin, horns, and clever percussion mixed with the traditional tools of rock and roll) that gave the whole evening an almost physical texture. The calendar told us that there was romance in the air, but gripping performances of tracks like “Black Tables” and “Tamer Animals” (the title track of the group's latest release) helped the feeling rise above the date. Other Lives' live set didn't scream hearts and Cupid - it was honest and it was honed and it was full of good intentions that were easily realized by the group on stage.  Everyone showed up hoping to be moved, and everyone left satisfied.


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