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A Night With Our Nation's Indie Sweetheart

Rebekah Higgs
Rebekah Higgs
Boxer the Horse, The Danks
Rivoli in Toronto, ON
September 15, 2011

Review by: Natalia Buia
Photos by: Robert Ciolfi

On the night of Rebekah Higgs' album release show, not even the slightest technical difficulties could drag audiences away. People's feet were firmly planted on the ground at the Rivoli to celebrate the success of our nation's indie sweetheart.

Rebekah Higgs

When Rebekah Higgs finally took the stage, she didn't need to say much to get everyone's attention. Since her self-titled debut, Higgs has evolved from a soft and sweet sound to a more extensive, "psyche doo-wop" style, with not an ounce of sophistication spared. Higgs impressed the crowd, opening her set with the infectious "Gosh, Darn, Damn" which is her latest single and the second track off her album. Bright, flashy images were projected on the stage, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Higgs also had one gosh, darn good band backing her up, so the use of vocal loops that seemed unwarranted at times, although it made a positive difference in the heavier tune "Drunk Love". Together, Higgs and the guys recreated The Zombies' "Time of the Season" and made it their own. Higgs continued to show her love of old-school pop groups as she finished her set with "He's So Fine" by The Chiffons – one of the best girl groups of the 60's.

The fellowship between Higgs and the crowd proved not to be an odd one at all. Her sassy personality, cheery stage presence and airy voice is why she's so well loved in Canada.

Rebekah Higgs   Rebekah Higgs   Rebekah Higgs   Rebekah Higgs   Rebekah Higgs   Rebekah Higgs   Rebekah Higgs   Rebekah Higgs   Rebekah Higgs   Rebekah Higgs   Rebekah Higgs  

The Danks

The Danks, from Charlottetown, kept spirits high after Boxer The Horse with their Strokes-like songs. Having put out their first full-length album Are You Afraid of the Danks? only two years ago, the foursome has shown progress in stage presence. Lead singer Brohan Moore may show a too-cool-for-school persona on stage, but it appears to be all in good fun. The sizzling guitar riffs from Alec O'Hanley and non-stop power pop hooks from Moore make this band more than watchable.

The Danks   The Danks   The Danks   The Danks   The Danks   The Danks   The Danks   The Danks   The Danks  

Boxer the Horse

Opening the night was Boxer the Horse, a four piece also from Charlottetown, P.E.I. The band, led by Jeremy Gaudet, seem nostalgic for the sounds of The Kinks and Velvet Underground. They effortlessly blend vintage sounds with modern tones, evident in their latest album Would You Please.

It's a real shame the venue didn't fill up until after their performance. People sure missed out on a band with huge potential. They are, after all, CBC Radio 3's Best New Band of 2010. They gave those in attendance a treat by playing new songs like the melodious "Sentimental Oriental" and "Community Affair". The young band excels at being subtle with their cheekiness, never letting it overwhelm their listeners. Make room in your record collection when their new album comes out.