Concerts Concerts Stars: Reminded of Toronto's Love

Stars: Reminded of Toronto's Love

Stars at Massey Hall
Massey Hall in Toronto, ON
October 23, 2010

Review and photos by: Julie Lavelle

A very special night at Massey Hall featuring Canada's very own Stars.

Montreal based Stars visited Toronto on October 23rd for a beautiful return to a city they have graced many times during their 10 year career. It had been around five months since we experienced Stars at The Mod Club where they revealed the music from their newest album. That night back in May was exciting and confusing. Trying to take in 11 brand new songs played with the same voices and faces you've known for years, but all of a sudden with these new melodies, words, instruments, and feelings. But this night, Stars emerged with more confidence then I ever thought possible, ready to show Toronto exactly what we were hoping for. With bubbles flowing from the stage ceiling, and roses being gently tossed, we were transported into the mystical world of Stars.

This Saturday night at Massey Hall was a brilliant reminder of how they've grown into their latest release. The Five Ghosts was released June 21, 2010 and is a perfect culmination of every members unique talents. One of the original founding members Torquil Campbell shows off his tremendous vocal skills while also blowing everyone away with his melodica and trumpet talent. It was easy to see just how ecstatic and blessed he was to be playing one of the best music venues in the city. Torquil attended high school in Toronto, so he can appreciate the privilege of playing a nearly sold-out show at Massey Hall. The other front in the band is the ever talented Amy Millan, who was a later addition to the band, but will always be a key part in the combination of sounds that make up a distinctive band like Stars.

Minutes into the first song, "He Dreams He's Awake," that night at Massey Hall, Stars had almost everyone on their feet for the nearly two hour set. Their energy and charisma are like no other, forcing you to take part in the magic they are creating on stage with their enchanting sounds. They have definitely evolved over the years into the strong, mesmerizing sounds best heard on The Five Ghosts. They perfectly recreated these spooky, enchanting sounds at Massey Hall with their wonderful, mystical energy. Playing a vast range from most of their five LPs, the crowd was beyond overjoyed when they heard the first few seconds of these particularly special songs: "Your Ex-Love Is Dead," "Ageless Beauty," "Take Me To The Riot," and "Elevator Love Letter." I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it's so very easy to be transported back to a time 5-7 years ago when we first heard the unforgettable tracks from Heart and Set Yourself On Fire. For two overwhelming hours we were taken to a simple, beautiful place with our very own Stars.

They put it best that night when they said, "When you have so much to say it's almost best to say nothing at all." It's impossible to perfectly describe a sound, or a feeling that a concert can evoke, but hopefully if you can understand and appreciate what's been said, those who missed this unbelievable show will take the hint and make sure to be around for the next time that Stars grace our city with their talents.

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