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Jimmy Still Rocks (Rather Than Eats) My World

Jimmy Eat World at Kool Haus
Jimmy Eat World
We Were Promised Jetpacks
Kool Haus in Toronto, Ontario
October 17, 2010.

Review by: Katie Christensen
Photos by: Julie Lavelle

Jimmy Eat World played to a packed Kool Haus in Toronto last Sunday, prooving that they show no signs of slowing down.

Jimmy Eat World

Since 1993 Jimmy Eat World has been creating anguish-infused alternative rock music, and in my teenage adolescence (albeit years ago now) their angsty rock was just what I wanted on my Walkman. I am not being trite or patronizing. I really loved Jimmy Eat World from the get go and many of their singles still get me jumping. In one’s traumatizing awkward youth with an overabundance of emotions teamed with being generally just pissed off with the prospect of growing up, Jimmy provided us with our anthems. With songs like "Kill", "Work", and "Pain", Jimmy Eat World hasn’t been called an overly unpredictable band as Jim Adkins' lyrics have been criticized for being too simple and not intellectually stimulating enough. But what Jimmy does they do well, and at the Kool Haus last Sunday, they proved that they still have it.

Touring in support of their new LP Invented, their sixth album, which came out earlier this month via Interscope Records and was produced with longtime collaborator Mark Trombino. Now, I must be honest, this album is not my favorite that Jimmy has created. But it’s definitely worthy of a listen as it offers up some catchy songs with signature hooks along with sing-along melodies which Jimmy does so well, most notably in "My Best Theory". I personally don’t feel like there are many tracks on the album that are as grabbing as anything from Bleed American or Futures. And I was quite elated that they chose mostly classic Jimmy Eat World for their set list on Sunday. Starting off with the emblematic track "Bleed American" there was not one person in the audience not singing their lyrics and we all knew we were going to get just what we wanted.

For being in this industry for the amount of years that they have been and playing thousands of shows, Jimmy Eat World shows no sign of slowing down. In concert, Jim Adkins (vocals, guitar), Tom Linton (guitar, vocals), Rick Burch (bass), and Zack Lind (drums) performed with conviction and sincerity proving time hasn’t hindered their ability to deliver hard-hitting performances. The band has a new female addition by the name of Courtney who added in some really lovely female vocals to their softer ballads like “Hear You Me” and “23”.  The audience was in high spirits all evening, crowd surfing to “Futures”, “Pain” and my personal favorite, the eerie song with a killer climax “Get It Faster” (not a great message to emulate but good nonetheless). There was an impromptu photo shoot for a fan's grandma as well as song dedications, but most exciting was the encore where they played their most famous singles “The Middle” and “Sweetness”.

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We Were Promised Jetpacks

I reviewed the boys from We Were Promised Jetpacks a few months back when they played at the Horseshoe before they started their whirwind tour. Last week, however, at the Kool Haus they had enough time to play 8 songs, and considering their growing but still tiny fan base, opening for Jimmy Eat World must have been a little intimidating. It was great to see fans standing cross armed whispering to their friends “we were promised what now?’ then quickly getting excited upon hearing them play. Toronto was their last stop before heading home (to Scotland) to complete their next album which I am so excited to hear. Their tour was filled with memorable stories and minor catastrophes like having to plea to their Facebook friends to bring them to their show as their van bit the big one. They spoke very highly of the headlining band and stated they will miss hearing them play everynight while enjoying a 'big rum'.