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A Night With The Ever Missed Something Corporate

Something Corporate at The Kool Haus
Something Corporate
Kool Haus in Toronto, Ontario
August 7, 2010.

Photos and Review by: Julie Lavelle

Something Corporate on their reunion tour play the Kool Haus to a crowd of ecstatic fans.

Something Corporate

Something Corporate is one of those bands that no one seems to know about anymore unless they really know them. Since their hiatus five years ago, they have hardly been heard or seen from except for front man Andrew McMahon. Andrew has spent the better part of the last few years climbing toward major success with his side project Jack's Mannequin. And to the relief and happiness of the crowd at Saturday night's show, Jack's Mannequin has been placed on the back burner. Andrew is a perfect frontman and always a pleasure to watch, no matter what band he happens to be playing with at the time.

For anyone who listened to many of the pop and pop punk bands who emerged in the early 2001s, especially those on the Drive-Thru Records label, Something Corporate would have played a huge role in their musicial interests at the time. With two full length studio albums and a few EPs under their belts, Something Corporate are definitely not new to playing huge rock shows.

It was just six years ago on February 17, 2004 that Something Corporate played to a similar size crowd at the very same venue. And when the lights finally dimmed on Saturday after loud chants of "SOCO, SOCO, SOCO," they took the stage and in that moment it was almost as if those six years had never passed. Despite obvious appearance changes, they seemed very similar to the five guys we all knew and loved. Something Corporate began with a classic favourite "Hurricane" from their first studio album Leaving Through The Window. Looking around it seemed as though every person was genuinely overjoyed to be witnessing such an event.

Compared to their crowd from the previous 2004 Kool Haus show, this one was extremely peaceful and respectful. There was some movement and dancing in the crowd but completely in contrast to the usual intensity you would find at Something Corporate's earlier shows. Then again, considering the fact all their fans have jumped to an age in which we are mostly adults, it makes sense that the show had a quieter atmosphere.

Playing a collection of songs from each release, Something Corporate pleased every type of fan with their classic hits. Despite the wonder if they would break out a new song or two they kept in theme with the reunion show environment and only played songs everyone was famililar with. Songs such as the beautiful piano-based ballad "Cavanaugh Park" really hit home as Andrew talked about the fact that even though it was written 10 or so years ago, it still "rings true" today. Another old favourite "Wait" that remained unreleased until Something Corporate's recent greatest hits album was another crowd favourite. What used to be a quiet, acoustic guitar centered song became a full-band, dazzling experience.

The five boys, now men, that comprise Something Corporate originated from Orange County, California and formed the band around 1998. All but the guitarist Bobby "Raw" Anderson are technically original members of the band. Standing on that stage, Andrew McMahon, Brian Ireland, Kevin "Clutch" Page, Josh Partington and Bobby "Raw" Anderson looked beyond thrilled to be playing to our beautiful city once again. Despite some band disagreements and upset that inevitably caused the hiatus/break-up five years ago, they were all able to reunite and put aside their differences for the sake of their music. They truly succeeded, as they looked like a team, extremely in sync and genuinely enjoying each others presence. It was an wholeheartedly beautiful experience to be able to watch.

As the night came to a close everyone was anxiously wondering if they would play the classic song "Konstantine." And as Andrew emerged to begin the encore, he began to describe a song that was, "for the people," that he has eluded playing for the past five years and that became such a big deal it should "have it's own zipcode." Andrew did not mean this to sound conceited at all, the fans themselves latched on to this song and at every show (including those of Jack's Mannequin) one could always hear calls for the song to be played. This is a song that was originally on the album Ready... Break that was never commercially released. "Konstantine" is a ten minute song about a lost love which draws upon references to the idea of 11:11 and Jimmy Eat World's song "For Me This Is Heaven." Hearing this song played live again was most likely a very strange, cathartic and beautiful experience for most people in the crowd. I could see people crying and hugging as the song went on and found it very moving to see how touched everyone was by a song written more than ten years ago.

True to form the band finished the show with the single "If U C Jordan" which was a perfect way to get the crowd moving and excited again. This is a loud pop song that is centered around a high school theme, in which during the last verse everyone screams out "Fuck you Jordan!" Something Corporate seemed just as giddy to be playing this song as we were to be experiencing it. And a perfect way to watch the night end was with Andrew McMahon fulfilling his classic ways and jumping and stomping all over the grand piano keys and top.

Set list: 1. "Hurricane" 2. "I Want To Save You" 3. "Me and the Moon" 4. "21 and Invincible" 5. "Drunk Girl" 6. "Ruthless" 7. "Only Ashes" 8. "The Astronaut" 9. "Space" 10. "Cavanaugh Park" 11. "Wait" 12. "Fall" 13. "Straw Dog" 14. "She Paints Me Blue" 15. "Watch The Sky" 16. "I Woke Up In A Car" 17. "Punk Rock Princess" Encore: 18. "Konstantine" 19. "Down" 20. "If You C Jordan"

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