Concerts Concerts NXNE 2010: A Packed Tavern For Warpaint

NXNE 2010: A Packed Tavern For Warpaint

Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario
Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review by: Natalia Buia

Warpaint put a spell on the jam packed crowd at the ‘Shoe. The mix of groovy guitar riffs and hypnotic vocals made for one fine cosmic cocktail.


Coming all the way from Los Angeles, Warpaint carry a lot of hype with them. Their recent album, Exquisite Corpse, was produced by none other than Red Hot Chilli Pepper member John Frusciante. The band name escapes the lips of many in the L.A. area and Toronto now too. The venue looked as if it reached capacity as Warpaint took the stage. Within the first strum of Theresa Wayman’s guitar, everyone was put in a trance by their profound performance. Tuning into them will leave one feeling very lush. The chemistry on stage between the four women is a force to be reckoned with. They showed plenty of attitude when they played. The way Emily Kokal (guitar, vocals) shimmied on stage behind her guitar likely gave everyone goosebumps. When she howled like in the song "Elephants", I'm sure blood pressure rose. These girls know how to be subtle with their sex appeal while also providing the audience with good quality music.

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