Concerts Concerts NXNE 2010: Hexes And Ohs Play It Cool But Calm At Bread And Circus

NXNE 2010: Hexes And Ohs Play It Cool But Calm At Bread And Circus

Hexes and Ohs
Bread and Circus, Toronto, Ontario
Saturday, June 19, 2010

Review by: Natalia Buia

Hexes and Ohs softly rocked my world with their electro pop tunes, but perhaps their show could have been better if the audience looked more alive.

Hexes and Ohs

As I made my way to the venue, I saw about 20 people in the audience. I thought to myself: Is this it? But regardless of the pint-sized crowd who came to see the pint-sized band, their music remained rich throughout the night. Being a fan of Hexes and Ohs is like being a fan of creativity. This duo has been experimenting with sounds of all instruments for about a decade now. It just keeps getting better. Their set could have used more bird costumes (like in their "Little Bird" music video - there's a link below) or something else to create a more energetic performance. I must say that I did enjoy the hearty anecdotes in between songs as they were changing instruments. The majority of songs stemmed from their 2008 album Bedroom Madness. It's been quite some time since then and hopefully an upcoming wedding between the two won't hinder the continuance of new, quirky tunes.

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