Concerts Concerts NXNE 2010: Come On Get Happy With La Strada And Boxer The Horse

NXNE 2010: Come On Get Happy With La Strada And Boxer The Horse

La Strada, Boxer The Horse
The Drake Underground, Toronto, Ontario
Friday, June 18, 2010

Review by: Natalia Buia

From all the shows I saw at NXNE this year, this show at The Drake ranks in the top three. The fantastic venue, the refreshing new music and the crowd's cheery response is why this show was one of the most memorable.

La Strada began their set with impeccable harmonies, singing over and over "there is only love". Right then and there, at The Drake Underground, I felt only love in return for these guys. Right off the bat, you could tell the band from Brooklyn are definitely in love... with their instruments. James Craft (vocals) played the accordion so beautifully it would make any French accordion pro jealous. His mastery added a nice touch to the band, definitely made them unique. The music made me want to dance under the moon in the streets of Paris. The sweet sounds of Daniel Baer’s violin was like the icing on the cake. It sounded beautiful at the particular venue. Again, these nonconventional instruments made the show and La Strada themselves unique. How many modern bands do you know that include a violinist, a cellist and not to mention an accordion player too? Overall, it was an impressive set which I'm sure the entire audience could agree – they were clapping and bopping their heads along until the very last song.

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Boxer The Horse

I first heard about Boxer The Horse the day before they were scheduled to play at the Drake. It was at the rooftop party at Nacho House where I was given a free CD (the best kind of CD there is!) from the band from P.E.I. I was instantly smitten. My first thought was they sound a younger version of Phoenix. As I continued to listen, I was proved that they have what it takes to stand apart from the rest. The only bad thing I can say is their set seemed way too short (I know all bands get the same amount of time up on stage, but their set went by way too fast). Richard MacLeod (bass) looked like he was having the most fun on stage. The cute and lovely singer-songwriter Molly Rankin joined the young east coasters on stage for a Vaselines cover. Then came a fun performance of my favourite song, "Romania", which I was waiting all night to hear. Good thing I bumped into Jeremy Gaudet (vocals, guitar) and got him to explain why he wrote a song about my home country. Let's just say, that girl is super lucky.