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Jónsi Mesmerizes Toronto

Jónsi at Sound Academy
Sound Academy in Toronto, Ontario
April 30, 2010.

Photos and Review by: Julie Lavelle

Jónsi brought beautiful music and stunning visuals to a packed room at the Sound Academy on Friday night in honour of his first solo album Go.


Jón Þór Birgisson also known as Jónsi, introduced his latest venture to the city of Toronto on Friday night in the form of a solo album and a mesmerizing visual display. With the help of new band members and a stage set designed by 59 Productions, Jónsi brought his solo dream to life. Jónsi is generally known for his work with Sigur Rós, an Icelandic band in which he is the lead singer with his hauntingly beautiful falsetto voice. Despite the fact that Sigur Rós is now on an indefinite hiatus, one can always find hope and beauty in the enlightening music of Jónsi.

Beginning the night off with the soft, acoustic tune "Stars In Still Water", Jónsi captured the attention of everyone in the room, preparing us for the next 75 minutes that we would all spend together. Playing the album Go in it's entirety, Jónsi also added in a couple of new songs, one known as "Saint Naive" and another known as "Piano Song." The constant visuals coincided with each song that was played. At times there were forest animals and birds flying through the air, and with growing intensity and perfectly cued visuals one could feel the passion of each song. In a specific instance, visuals of ants marching back and forth on the screen carrying what seemed to be their livelihood was the perfect backdrop for Jónsi's dramatic music.

What began as a slow and quiet set progressively moved into upbeat and inspiring tunes such as "Animal Arithmetic", "Go Do", and "Boy Lilikoi". Personally, hearing "Boy Lilikoi" live was like hearing for the first time again. This was the first song Jónsi released as a precursor to his solo album and I was hooked from the moment I heard it, playing it over and over again. Hearing it at the show, with Jónsi's pure voice emanating in front of me, I closed my eyes and felt that excitement and happiness revived anew. Jónsi's entrancing energy was hard to miss during "Animal Arithmetic", a song boasting a very fast tempo, which he executed perfectly live.

Concluding the night with the heart-stopping "Grow Till Tall", Jónsi showed Toronto was he was really made of. The intensity of the visuals worked alongside Jónsi as he let the music take over. The looming backdrop of the stage showcased lighting, winds, rain, and thunder as we all moved together into the storm. Every emotion was felt as we all watched as the stage became flashes of light and movement. Jónsi has a true gift, and as we all walked away last night, I think it became apparent of what we had just witnessed. Despite being at a venue in the middle of nowhere, and where finding a decent spot to stand is hard, Jónsi and his band gave everyone there something to hold on to. Let's keep our fingers crossed that next time they decide to play Massey Hall, or something of a similar caliber. Jónsi succeeded in what he set out to accomplish, and I personally cannot wait for the next edition in this beautiful set of music.

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