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Yukon Blonde Will Make You Feel Good

Yukon Blonde
Yukon Blonde
The Garrison in Toronto, ON
April 23, 2010

Review by: Sara Harowitz

It was pretty late by the time Yukon Blonde hit the stage, but the audience didn’t care. The Vancouver band rocked The Garrison and had the audience dancing along with them.

Made up of Brandon Scott, Jeffrey Innes, and Graham Jones, Yukon Blonde has a laid-back, feel-good, harmonious sound that comes across great when played live. Playing for about an hour, the band hit all the best songs from their debut self-titled record, including "Wind Blows," "Kumiko Song," "Brides Song," and "Ghosts On Film." Their set was tight, with clean transitions and in-tempo chords. I say this about a lot of bands that I go see, but I could really tell these guys were passionate about their music, and just music in general. Their encore was a stage party! The band invited members of Fox Jaws (one of the night's opening bands, who was also a treat to see) and Make Your Exit on stage to shake tambourines, sing along and dance around. It's always nice to see the friendship grow between different bands, especially when they're from different cities. It proves just how small the Canadian music scene really is. And if you ask me, Yukon Blonde also helps prove just how awesome the Canadian music scene really is.