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London Grammar at The Phoenix

London Grammar
London Grammar
The Phoenix in Toronto, ON
April 7, 2014

Review by: Melissa Adamson

The UK’s London Grammar stopped at The Phoenix for one of the last stops on their tour in support of the release of their debut album If You Wait

London Grammar

You can’t talk about London Grammar without first discussing what seems to be their almost untraceable rise in popularity. Though they have been together for over four years they didn’t release their first song until just over a year ago. Once “Hey Now” hit the internet, their fan base grew rapidly and they moved quickly from playing small pubs to large festivals.

London Grammar started their set at The Phoenix by easing into “Hey Now”, growing the momentum slowly and allowing Hannah Reid (vocals) to prove right off the bat that her voice is just as powerful live as it is on the album. She filled the venue and silenced the crowd as her vocals flowed delicately from soft and soothing to crushing and commanding. Though it is Reid’s voice that is the focal point of the band’s sound, Dot Major (keys and percussion) and Dan Rothman (bass) offer the musical framework and catchy rhythms that support her voice perfectly. While Reid took a quick break to rest her voice at the end of “Flicker” the two had an opportunity to jam and prove that they were also able to command the crowd’s attention. Other highlights of the night included fan favourite, “Wasting My Young Years” and the encore “Metal and Dust”, as well as the band’s lighting display that lit up the room and was perfectly timed to accentuate Reid’s powerful vocal moments.

It was a short set - just under an hour including the encore – but fans will have a chance to see the band again soon as they announced that they will likely be returning twice this year.