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St. Lucia and Sir Sly at The Hoxton

St Lucia at The Hoxton
St. Lucia
The Hoxton in Toronto, ON
January 23, 2014

Review by: Melissa Adamson
Photos by: Daniel Pascucci

St. Lucia’s tropical performance warmed the crowd, but it was opening band Sir Sly who stole the show.

St. Lucia

Maybe it was the strong performance from opening band Sir Sly, technical difficulties, or the aggressive crowd, but St. Lucia’s performance lacked the strength one might expect from a band with so much hype surrounding them. Their debut album grabs your attention and is full of danceable songs, but aside from that, there isn’t much of a difference between listening to St. Lucia recorded and seeing them live. Some might say that is a good thing, but their set is so digitally based that it is almost numbing with its lack of live excitement and originality.

That being said, Jean-Philip Grobler’s voice is impressive and carries above the beat well and most of the crowd - dressed in their best for-the-club attire - seemed to love dancing to the 80s inspired atmospheric beats. The backboard of LED lights and their colour outfits was the perfect set-up for their party anthems, which include power ballad "All Eyes on You" and the tropical love song "Wait for Love".

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Sir Sly

The internet exploded when Sir Sly first introduced themselves with the release of their single “Ghost” in August 2012. The unknown band initially kept their identity a secret and people started to speculate that they were a Foster the People spinoff. When it was finally revealed that they are in fact a fresh three-piece band from L.A., the hipsterverse breathed a sigh of relief and began to promote them as the best new thing.

Now touring with St. Lucia, Sir Sly is having no trouble living up to the internet hype of their EP Gold and seem to continue to build excitement with each show. The Hoxton crowd was instantly thrilled by the band and let out loud cheers throughout their set. The excitement was so significant that if anyone unfamiliar with St. Lucia entered the club, they probably would have thought it was Sir Sly's show.

With seductive vocals and hook heavy melodies, Sir Sly creates a sound that is easy to move to. They focus less on computer experimentation and more on the vocals and the melodies of the songs. Having Hayden Coplen (drums) placed upfront beside Landon James (lead vocals, guitar) brought forward the heavy drum beats that helped keep the crowd moving throughout the set.

Keep your eye on Sir Sly and check them out next time they are in town.


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