Sticky Magazine was founded in 2010 by Toronto concert photographer and blogger Pete Nema and is now under the editorial direction of Chad Hutchings. Our mission is to provide interesting content about independent and major label artists, from both Canada and abroad, including concert photography & reviews, exclusive music, news, album reviews, events, and contests. The collective of people who provide content for Sticky Magazine do so only out of their love for music.

Content Contributors

Chad Hutchings [Editor-in-chief / Writer]

Allison Janzen [Photographer]
Colton Eddy [Writer]
Julie Lavelle [Photographer / Writer]
Lee Fraser [Writer]
Melissa Adamson [Writer]

Website Contributors

Pete Nema [Publisher]
Tom Otvos [Website Development] MyBandSite.ca
Gigo Elmoselhi [Graphic Design] www.gigoelmoselhi.com

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